Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perfect Courier for Writers

Photo Courtesy of Courier Connection

A large part of the job of being a writer is using and managing shipments through couriers. While many publishers do accept electronic submissions -- meaning that story submissions, literary queries, and communications can be submitted through email or back-end web functions -- most of the jobs of a writer still require hard copy mails (or snail-mail) to be sent. Any writer who can master the courier world and establish a good relationship with their courier service, will have an edge in pricing and in-turn will have an edge over their competing writers. 

Finding the perfect courier, for your writing needs, is simple. First off, do not go with one of the "Big guys," unless you are doing all of the marketing, sales, and shipping for your book; in which case, a corporate account through FedEx or UPS would be recommended. For just the regular shipping of manuscripts to editors and publishers, for the shipping of artwork and marketing materials for approval, and for any other marketing strategies, you should try and find a small to mid-ranged company would be willing to work with you on better rates for your long-term shipping commitments. Atlanta courier service Courier Connection is one medium sized company that is used to working on special relationships with clients such as writers. Offering safe, secure, and reliable shipping and globally positioned tracking of your packages and shipments, Courier Connection can help you track and manage all of your outgoing and incoming correspondence. 

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