Thursday, January 3, 2013

Informational Source for Behavioral Health News

With the digital age comes many numerous resources for any topic in the world that one could imagine. Niche magazines, blogs, and informational sites have popped up that are filled with great news articles, reviews, and facts for any subject under the sun. One such resource that is incredibly beneficial for health professionals and researchers alike is Addiction Treatment Magazine, an online publication that covers topics on behavioral health -- particularly drug news, trends, and treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

What makes this site such a wealth of information, is the fact that the stories and articles are well written, authoritative, and give insights to the personal, and emotional nuances of addiction and treatment.

Articles take unique approaches to covering stories in entertaining and informative ways; covering topics rarely touched-on in other addiction publications and literature, Addiction Treatment Magazine tackles breaking medical studies such as opioid replacement therapy, an experimental process that hopes to "rewire" the addicted brain. New psychiatric theories, such as the addictive personality theory, are discussed in detailed articles that immerse the medical community members in interactive question and answer sessions.

In addition to original magazine articles on drug abuse and recovery, Addiction Treatment Magazine also has wonderful reviews on inspirational and topical books, novels, and other published works by recovering addicts and famous names from the health industry.

Immerse yourself into the rich world that Addiction Treatment Magazine creates for its readers.
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