Thursday, January 24, 2013

Before Bankruptcy

Did You Know?

Before there was a law that allowed an individual to declare bankruptcy, a debtor, his wife, and kids were sold into "debt slavery" until the debt was paid.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fighting the January Blues in Your Office

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January can be a tough time of year for some people. Christmas has come and gone -- along with quite a few New Year's resolutions -- and there is not a very long list of exciting holidays and/or events until we reach the summer months, giving January the reputation for being "the most depressing month of the year.

This depressed feeling tends to get worse as workers get settled back into their work weeks and jobs. Many people suffering from depression at this time of year, say that even the thought of returning to work gives them anxieties and elevated stress levels. "It's a time of year when I catch myself questioning my job, my salary, my goals, and parts of my life," says software Technician Jerry Vitten. "When I begin thinking of these things, I start to get an anxiety that has me reassessing my purpose. Concentration becomes almost impossible." Vitten suffers from depression year-round, and is on medication to help him deal with the side effects of depression and anxiety. Even though his depression is being treated through medication, Vitten admits that depression is never completely gone, even with medication. "There is always a little tinge of anxiety that holds on when on medication," he says. "It is much better with the meds, but is always presence." Vitten also admits that he has noticed that those little "tinges" of anxiety and depression seem to get worse at the beginning of the year.

There are a few things you can do to help curb the January Blues in your office or workplace. First off, you have to remember that a lack of excitement, or anxiety about the upcoming extended-stretch of workdays until summer are key to causing the depression. Therefore, creating and implementing activities, events, and livening-up the atmosphere in the work-place can do quite a lot for bringing up morale.

The ideas to raise morale in the office are limitless, but depend on the culture and personal preferences of management and the employees. What counts, is that something is being done to break up the monotony of of the workplace, and a true attempt is being made to better the overall moods of employees. As you know, a happy worker is a productive worker.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deals on Used Haas Machines

Courtesy of Used CNC Machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines are a very necessary tool for anyone that specializes in the manufacturing and production of products. How these machines work is by cutting away -- or in some cases building up -- material based off of exact specifications that are preloaded into a computer and performed by tool head extensions.

CNC machines date all the way back to the 1940s when tools were programmed to perform a simple set of basic tasks. The "memory" or instructions for the machine were kept on metal discs with holes perforated -- these perforated discs worked in the same way as discs for player pianos and music boxes. Today, some of the highest quality brands of CNC machines can perform a literally infinite number of tasks and create an unlimited number of products, making them the true "workhorses" of modern times.

As technology grows, the newer generation CNC machines are highly advanced and very expensive, which makes the market for used CNC machines a very popular one. Used CNC machines are highly sought after and still fetch very good prices (These machines do not devalue at as quick a rate as other machines and/or electronics).

Used CNC Machine is a company that knows CNC machines, with more than 75 years combined industry experience, and a great reputation. Both buyers and sellers of used CNC machines, their knowledgeable and professional staff can help you find the perfect machine to match your needs, or can also take your used CNC machine as trade in or buy it out-right.

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PCB Assemblies and More

Courtesy of Best Proto

The industry leader for PCB production and the creation of custom, lead-free Computer chips and assemblies, Best Proto originally was formed as a collective of technicians and solderers sharing a common goal for creating quality products coupled with the highest standard in customer relations.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Socioeconomic Strife Leads to Business Growth

Courtesy of Roofers Supply

Depending on the social, economic, and political factors, certain industries see big growth in times like we are seeing right now. During times of -- well, uncertainty -- there is always a handful of industrial sectors that benefit from socioeconomic strife, like we are seeing globally right now. These niche industries are sometimes called ancillary beneficiaries or even "flukes" because their popularity and necessity arise, seemingly from nowhere.

The popularity and prevalence of Roofers Supply and their recent successes are no "fluke," Roofers Supply defied traditional socioeconomic factors -- which could have easily derailed this family-owned business -- and climbed its way up to become the premier roofing and supply company in Utah. A fine purveyor of wholesale roofing supplies, Roofers Supply is also known for their work with commercial roofing companies, contractor referrals (ensuring that all of their customers have access to licensed, bonded, and insured residential roofing contractors), and for their award-winning rooftop deliver service, which transports and delivers materials direct to the job site(s). Each of the delivery vehicles in their fleet are equipped with cranes so that building materials can be unloaded safely and efficiently to any location -- even to the roof of a desired location.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VOIP and Cellular

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These days, with cellular phones as popular and as prevalent as they are, not very many people have an actual land-line home phone anymore. The majority of people that do have land-line phones,  have them only for work purposes or for an emergency line. The truth of the matter is that having a traditional landline phone has many benefits. Not only is the quality of the calls much clearer (this is important for business meetings or other conversations where clarity is key), but it can also be more affordable than cell phone plans (depending on which provider and service plan it is in comparison to).

VoIP phone service is really the best of both worlds when choosing between traditional and cellular phone service. It has a call quality far superior to even the latest iPhones, but can be used on a mobile device as well as any classic hardwired telophone. There are also a great many more choices for carriers with a VoIP service. is a website that lists the hundreds of different VoIP providers and plans, supplying you with all of the literature you need for service plan comparison.

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Managing Your Supply Chain

Courtesy of Establish Inc.

One of the toughest parts of owning your own business -- whether it be a small start-up or a billion dollar multinational -- is supply chain management. This adversary has been the demise of many companies throughout history for a reason: if your distribution network design is not properly arranged and managed, it does not matter how great your products or services are, your entire business will collapse in on itself.

 Having a solid supply chain strategy will keep your business running smoothly, from lead to sale to delivery of goods and services. Your supply chain management basically takes into account how much of your product you have on hand, the location of those products, how many products have already been purchased and need to be shipped, how the shippable products are going to get to their destination, and balances all of these statuses and collates them to ensure that all processes are being carried out efficiently and cost-effectively. Through business analytics, processes can be adjusted to streamline the whole process of your business; this strategy can be changed at any time and could be changed to reflect market trends, and other seasons that are regularly seen in your market.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perfect Courier for Writers

Photo Courtesy of Courier Connection

A large part of the job of being a writer is using and managing shipments through couriers. While many publishers do accept electronic submissions -- meaning that story submissions, literary queries, and communications can be submitted through email or back-end web functions -- most of the jobs of a writer still require hard copy mails (or snail-mail) to be sent. Any writer who can master the courier world and establish a good relationship with their courier service, will have an edge in pricing and in-turn will have an edge over their competing writers. 

Finding the perfect courier, for your writing needs, is simple. First off, do not go with one of the "Big guys," unless you are doing all of the marketing, sales, and shipping for your book; in which case, a corporate account through FedEx or UPS would be recommended. For just the regular shipping of manuscripts to editors and publishers, for the shipping of artwork and marketing materials for approval, and for any other marketing strategies, you should try and find a small to mid-ranged company would be willing to work with you on better rates for your long-term shipping commitments. Atlanta courier service Courier Connection is one medium sized company that is used to working on special relationships with clients such as writers. Offering safe, secure, and reliable shipping and globally positioned tracking of your packages and shipments, Courier Connection can help you track and manage all of your outgoing and incoming correspondence. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Informational Source for Behavioral Health News

With the digital age comes many numerous resources for any topic in the world that one could imagine. Niche magazines, blogs, and informational sites have popped up that are filled with great news articles, reviews, and facts for any subject under the sun. One such resource that is incredibly beneficial for health professionals and researchers alike is Addiction Treatment Magazine, an online publication that covers topics on behavioral health -- particularly drug news, trends, and treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

What makes this site such a wealth of information, is the fact that the stories and articles are well written, authoritative, and give insights to the personal, and emotional nuances of addiction and treatment.

Articles take unique approaches to covering stories in entertaining and informative ways; covering topics rarely touched-on in other addiction publications and literature, Addiction Treatment Magazine tackles breaking medical studies such as opioid replacement therapy, an experimental process that hopes to "rewire" the addicted brain. New psychiatric theories, such as the addictive personality theory, are discussed in detailed articles that immerse the medical community members in interactive question and answer sessions.

In addition to original magazine articles on drug abuse and recovery, Addiction Treatment Magazine also has wonderful reviews on inspirational and topical books, novels, and other published works by recovering addicts and famous names from the health industry.

Immerse yourself into the rich world that Addiction Treatment Magazine creates for its readers.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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